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UHN Research Remote Access Portal

This module assumes you have attained One-Time Passwords from the RIS Helpdesk and you have downloaded a remote desktop client.

Step 1: One-Time Password Authentication

Provide your username and click 'Submit'. A number will be displayed. Using your OTP list, enter the corresponding password assigned to that number & click 'Submit'. You should get a "challenge reply accepted" message if you used an accepted username and one-time password combination.

Step 2: Choose your Desktop

Listed below are several options to suit your Windows desktop needs. Please choose the appropriate settings. Complete the phrase below to choose your connection path.

When I am at work I use...
Windows 7
Windows XP
Start your client with the appropriate configuration.Check your OTP keys and try again
Advanced settings
Step 3 (If applicable): Open the downloaded connection file

Depending on your browser, your file may open automatically. If it does not, open the file from your browser's recently downloaded files prompt or from your computer's downloads folder.

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