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UHN Research Remote Access Portal

New look, same portal. We have made some changes to our Remote Access Portal. Functionally, it is the same. Additional guidance has been provided.

Welcome to the UHN Research Remote Access Portal.

To access UHN Research network remotely, you need to do the following once:

  • Obtain One Time Passwords (OTPs). These are required for authentication purposes. This is in addition to your network/computer username and password. Please contact RIS Helpdesk to obtain your OTPs at 416.581.7777 or
  • Install a Remote Desktop Client (can be downloaded from our client download page) if you wish to access the full windows desktop (not necessary for direct web application access).

Remote Access Options
Windows Desktop Web Application
Use this option if you wish to work remotely with the Windows operating system. This option is for those who have full RIS accounts only. Use this option if you wish to work within an available web application directly. Available apps


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