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Submission Guidelines for Determinants of Community Health (DOCH-2) Studies

What is a DOCH-2 Study?

A DOCH-2 study refers to any research study conducted by a second year medical student for the University of Toronto's course entitled 'Researching Health in the Community' that involves human subjects. As part of this course, students carry out a research project in community and hospital settings to examine health problems and the determinants of health in specific populations.

Who can submit a DOCH-2 study for REB review?

Only students enrolled in the second year (preclerkship) of the Undergraduate Medical Education program at the University of Toronto can submit a DOCH-2 study for REB review.

Who can be a supervisor of a DOCH-2 study?

To be reviewed by UHN's REB, the supervisor listed on a DOCH-2 study must be a clinician-reseacher employed by UHN who has agreed to oversee and take responsibility for the study. On the REB application form (submitted through CAPCR), the supervisor should be listed as the Principal Investigator (PI) of the study and the student should be listed at the Co-Investigator (Co-I).

How does a student submit an application to UHN's REB for a DOCH-2 study?

To submit a study for review, a student must complete and submit an online application form through the CAPCR system. To login the CAPCR, students must use their a SIMS (t-ID number) or RIS username and password. If the student does not have a username and password, the student's supervisor should contact RIS or SIMS to obtain them.

To access CAPCR within UHN, click here. To access CAPCR remotely, click here.

When completing the online application form, please ensure that the Study Nickname contains "[DOCH]", as shown below in the screenshot

screenshot from CAPCR

The following supporting documentation must be submitted through CAPCR, along with the completed online application form:

  1. Protocol or learning plan
  2. Consent Forms (if applicable)
  3. Advertisements (if applicable)

How does a student submit amendments for a DOCH-2 study already approved by the REB?

To make changes to a study whose REB approval is currently active, students must send an email to REB Submissions with a subject line that includes "[DOCH] Amendent". The email should contain all of the following information from the DOCH-2 study:

  1. CAPCR Study ID
  2. Name of PI (DOCH-2 supervisor's name)
  3. Name of Co-I (DOCH-2 student's name)
  4. Title of Study (this should be the same as that of the protocol)

How long will it take to obtain REB approval?

Once a submission has been accepted for review (ie, when all components listed under "How does a student submit an application to UHN's REB for a DOCH-2 study?" are received), it will take approximately 5-6 weeks for the UHN REB to provide the initial review letter for your submission. Please note that further delays may occur if a student submits a DOCH-2 study without all the supporting documentation or a cover sheet.

How long will the REB approval remain valid?

Once granted, the REB approval is valid until June 30, 2015.

Who can provide additional information about REB approval for DOCH-2 studies?

Christopher Zehr
Ethics Coordinator, Delegated & DOCH Lead


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