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Committees of the Board

The REB has three REB Review Panels to ensure timely and appropriate review of research protocols that span the many disciplines under which research is undertaken at UHN.

Biomedical REB Review Panels A &B

Dr. Alan Barolet, Chair

Dr. Connie Marras, Panel A Vice Chair

Dr. David Barth, Panel B Vice Chair

  • These two REB Review Panels possess broad expertise and are capable of reviewing a wide range of protocols including protocols involving oncology patients that do not require specific oncology expertise
  • Submissions are forwarded to either Board A or Board B based on the expertise of each Board and its workload

Oncology REB Review Panel

Dr. Jack Holland, Chair

Dr. Anthony Brade, Vice-Chair

  • This REB Review Panel reviews protocols requiring specific oncology expertise

Rehabilitation Medicine and Science REB Review Panel

Ann Heesters, Chair
Dr. Paul Oh, Vice-Chair

  • This REB Review Panel reviews protocols in the field of rehabilitation that require access to TRI services of facilities


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