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Glossary of Terms


Authorized Signatory

Individual(s) authorized to sign documents on behalf of an institution or organization.

Lead Applicant

The primary Principal Investigator (PI) or the designated PI responsible for submitting the study to the Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network (TAHSN) Board of Record on behalf of all TAHSN sites involved in the study.


See Lead REB.

Lead REB

The research ethics board (REB) that has been granted the ultimate authority for the ethics review and oversight of a research study.


The Navigator facilitates and provides guidance to all study teams, including the Lead Applicant and Lead PI, applying to and using the TAHSN Board of Record model for obtaining ethics approval for research studies involving human participants. He/she also provides guidance to the Site Navigators and Lead REBs involved in the process. The Navigator is also the keeper of TAHSN Board of Record documents including but not limited to the TAHSN Board of Record Agreements, Lead REB Approval letters, institution qualification reports, SOPs, etc.

Research Ethics Board (REB)

A body of researchers, community members and others with specific expertise (eg, in ethics, in relevant research disciplines) established by an institution to review the ethical acceptability of all research involving humans conducted within the institution’s jurisdiction or under its auspices. (TCPS2)


The Site is the institution where the Site PI has appointment and where the Site PI will be conducting his/her research.

Site Navigator

The Site Navigator is a designated individual from an institution who has membership with the TAHSN. This individual may provide guidance on the TAHSN Board of Record or site-specific regulatory requirements to research teams belonging to their institution.

Site Principal Investigator (PI)

The leader of the research team at a designated site. This leader is responsible for the conduct of the research and for the actions of any research member of the research team.



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