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Coordinated Approval Process for Clinical Research and Institutional Authorization

Institutional Authorization (IA) must be obtained by the Principal Investigator (PI) prior to conducting any research at UHN involving humans, their tissue and/or their data via the Coordinated Approval Process for Clinical Research (CAPCR) System.

CAPCR is a web-based application system by which researchers can obtain all the approvals required to conduct human subjects' research at the University Health Network. Once all required approvals have been received for a study, Institutional Authorization (IA) will be issued by the CAPCR System, thus allowing the researcher and research team to begin their study.

Submitting a study through CAPCR ensures that the study is reviewed by all the departments and committees whose approval is required before starting the study. CAPCR also consolidates and replaces all the paper forms (e.g., TAHSN, Impact-Assessment, etc.) and eliminates the need for multiple copies requiring manual submission to all the various "approvers" (e.g., Research Ethics Board (REB), Grants and Contracts (GCS), Imaging, etc.). CAPCR also helps to ensure that researchers obtain all necessary approvals for their studies from the appropriate approvers such as those required by the REB, Grants and Contracts, pharmacy, etc.

For more information about CAPCR or to receive guidance on how to use the system please contact

For remote login to CAPCR, click here.

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