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New research findings are reported in NRx (formerly known as Net Results Express)—the UHN Research e-newsletter that is distributed monthly to all UHN employees and is made publicly available through the UHN Twitter and Facebook pages.

Archived issues of NRx are linked below (in HTML format):

December 2010: Year in Review

October 2010

  • Cancer: Identifying the Cells that Cause Cancer
  • Lung Cancer: Gene Signature Helps Predict Benefits of Chemotherapy
  • Neuroscience: The Cellular Basis of Neural Impulse Transmission
  • Heart Disease: Preventing Injury Following Transplantation
  • Diabetes: Detecting Sugar Sensing Pathways in the Brain
  • Virology: Developing New Methods to Fight off SARS
  • Parkinson's Disease: Learning the Benefits of Combined Therapy

September 2010

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis: Confirming Gene Involvement
  • Leukemia: Timing DNA Repair and Cell Death to Prevent Cancer
  • Alzheimer's Disease: Investigating New Stimulating Treatment Techniques
  • Neurology: Understanding How Perception of Pain Affects Recovery

July 2010

  • Influenza A: Identifying New Cell Populations to Battle Disease
  • Immunity and Disease: Applying Cell Therapy to Combat Infectious Disease
  • Hodgkin Lymphoma: Investigating Heart Disease Risk and Cancer Treatment
  • Lupus: Monitoring Heart Disease Risk in Patients
  • Parkinson’s Disease: Understanding the Anatomy of Movement

June 2010

  • ELLICSR Opens its Doors
  • Immune System: Revising the ‘Road Map’ of Blood Development
  • Malignant Mesothelioma: Identifying New Investigative Tools
  • Cancer: Depression in Patients with Advanced Disease
  • Neurology: Targeting Brain Communication Circuits to Understand Disease

May 2010

  • UHN Captures $30M in New Ministry Funding
  • Breast Cancer: Hormone-Driven Cell Growth
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Brain Landscape Changes and Disrupted Communication
  • Neurology: Determining When to Re-Start Anticoagulation
  • Diabetes: Locating the Brain’s ‘Sweet Spot’

April 2010

  • Structural biology: Understanding How Cells Anchor
  • Malaria: How Maternal Infection Contributes to Low Birth Weight
  • Lymphoma: Opening the Door to New Research and Treatments
  • Lung Cancer: Economic Analysis of Targeted Therapy
  • Parkinson's Disease: Learning the Long-Term Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation

March 2010

  • Lupus: Investigating Antimalarial Treatments
  • Head and Neck Cancer: Using Global Screens for New Target Identification
  • Lung Injury: Getting to the Bottom of Injury Promotion and Prevention
  • Neurology: Establishing a Circulation and Brain Landscape Relationship

February 2010

  • Leukemia: Elucidating Genetic Areas of Control
  • Heart Failure: Tracking Patients after Discharge
  • Cancer: Understanding Timing and Tumor Development
  • Liver Transplant: Determining When and Why to Apply the Surgical Brakes
  • Regenerative Medicine: Repairing the Injured Spinal Cord
  • Rett Syndrome: Surveying Brain Patterns to Increase Disease Knowledge

January 2010

  • Cancer: Changing Current Understanding of Gene Function
  • Leukemia: New Population of Cells Discovered
  • Cancer Biology: Sensitizing ‘Tenacious’ Tumour Cells
  • Neurology: Detailing the Memory Process
  • Cardiology: Re-Examining Protective Properties of Beta-Blockers

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December 2009: Year in Review

November 2009

  • Lung Transplantation: Gene Therapy Repairs Injured Lungs
  • Head & Neck Cancer: Clarifying Trial Terminology
  • Parkinson’s Disease: ‘Stimulating’ Ways to Prevent Falls
  • Diabetes: Focusing on Early Diabetes Complications
  • Brain Injury: Understanding Factors Contributing to Damage
  • Breast Cancer: Understanding the Relationship between Treatment and Menopause

October 2009

  • Atherosclerosis: Outlining Disease Beginnings
  • Cardiology: Understanding the Benefits of Salt
  • Stroke: Suppressing Brain Cell Death
  • Neurology: Mapping Nerve Changes
  • Oral Cancer: Identifying New Biomarkers of Disease
  • Nasopharyngeal Cancer: Elucidating Disease Proteins

September 2009

  • Lung Cancer: Enhancing the Decision-Making Process
  • Diabetes: New Protein Discovery
  • Neurology: Changing Current Beliefs
  • Cancer: Identifying New Potential Drug Use
  • Malaria: Defining Future Treatment Options
  • Neurology: Preventing Ocular Cell Death

July 2009

  • New CFI Funding Announced
  • AL-amyloidosis: Discovering Treatment Strategies
  • Cardiovascular Disease: Treatment Implications
  • Regenerative Medicine: Defining Growth Requirements
  • Parkinson’s Disease: Mapping the Effects of Stimulation

June 2009

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis: Grabbing Hold of Genetics
  • Ovarian Cancer: Patupilone Phase I Safety Findings
  • Arthritis: Taking a Closer Look at Gender
  • Lung Transplantation: Dealing with Rejection
  • Esophageal Cancer: Identifying Markers of Disease

May 2009

  • Cancer: Boosting the Body’s Immune System
  • Breast Cancer: Assessing Risk Early-On
  • Malaria: Pregnancy and Treatment
  • Noonan Syndrome: Discovering the Mechanics of Disease
  • ADHD: Genetics of Disease
  • Kidney Disease: Identifying Growth Pathways

April 2009

  • Malaria: Biomarker Discovery
  • Liver Cancer: Novel Treatment Strategy
  • Parkinson’s Disease: Deciphering Cell Communication
  • Neurology: Imaging the Brain
  • Breast Cancer: Revisiting Treatment Strategies

March 2009

  • Cancer: Using Algorithms to Detect Gene Patterns
  • Lung Cancer: Three-Sided Approach to Treatment
  • Neurology: Exploring the Use of New Research Tool
  • Major Depressive Disorder: Profiling Treatment
  • HIV: Evaluating New Therapy Options

February 2009

  • Cancer: New Technology to Study Structure
  • Regenerative Medicine: Novel Findings for Lung Repair
  • Cardiology: Avoiding Acute Kidney Injury
  • Cancer: The Genetics Behind Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
  • Ankylosing Spondilitis: Discovering Biomarkers of Disease

January 2009

  • Cancer: Illustrating Form and Function
  • Cancer: Outpatient Palliative Care Interventions
  • Parkinson’s Disease: Investigating Brain Cell Connections
  • Lupus: Monitoring the Advantages of Methotrexate
  • Thyroid Cancer: Revealing Where Growth Starts
  • Virology: The Mechanisms of Infection

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December 2008: Year in Review - UHN Research in 2008

November 2008

  • Directing Heart Cell Development
  • 'Checking' Immune Cell Balance
  • Remodeling the Heart After Injury
  • Surprising New Model for Cancer Cell Aging
  • Psoriatic Arthritis Researchers Tackle Fatigue
  • Weight Management Prediction in Anorexia

October 2008

  • Signal Control in Immunity
  • Thyroid Cancer Cells 'Staying Put'
  • 'Current' Neural Regenerative Medicine
  • Injury Mechanics in Neurology

September 2008

  • Landmark $120M Funding to UHN
  • Cancer Protein and Male Infertility
  • Forecasting Hepatitis with Disease Marker
  • ‘Report’ing on the Immune System
  • Indicators of Lung Cancer Therapy Response
  • Eating Behaviors in Diabetic Teen Girls

July 2008

  • Enzyme Deficiency in Malaria
  • Genetic Changes Involved in Colorectal Cancer
  • A New Therapeutic Approach for Hepatitis B
  • Family Involvement in Psoriatic Arthritis
  • How Hospital and Surgeon Volume Affects Prostate Cancer
  • Movement Control Tactics in Parkinson’s Disease

June 2008

  • Tuning the 'Engine' of Immune Response
  • The Role of Fat in Diabetes and Cardiology
  • Innovative Cancer Treatment Moves to Phase II
  • Defining Mechanisms of Brain Degeneration

May 2008

  • Regenerative Medicine and Cardiac Cells
  • Three-Way Communication in Diabetes
  • Controlling the Host Response in Malaria
  • Arthritis Medication Raises Caution
  • New Potential for Parkinson's Disease
  • Understanding Growth in Pituitary Cancer
  • Lung Cancer and Immune Cells
  • New Predictors in Prostate Cancer

April 2008

  • Hypertrophy and Cardiac Cells
  • Nomograms for Phase II Clinical Trials
  • Stroke and the Penumbra
  • Decision Aids for Cancer Patients

March 2008

  • Smooth Muscle Cells in Cardiology
  • Revisiting Survival in Prostate Cancer
  • Alzheimer's Disease and DBS
  • Gene Targeting in Rett Syndrome
  • Retinoblastoma and Genomic Instability
  • Disease Management in Lupus
  • Couples Intervention for Cancer
January 2008
  • New Tool for Stem Cells
  • 3D Liver Cancer
  • Lupus Development
  • Profiling Cerebral Malaria
  • IBS and Pain
  • Treating Type II Diabetes

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Special Holiday Issue: 2007 Research Breakthroughs

November 2007

  • Optimizing Treatment Decisions in Bladder Cancer
  • Childhood Mood Disorders
  • Myeloma: Drug Screen Points to New Therapy
  • Learning to Control Cancer Growth and Survival Genes
  • Motivations Behind Genetic Testing in Colorectal Cancer

October 2007

  • Building Blocks of Cancer Cells
  • Controlling Lung Cancer Growth
  • How Age can Affect Cardiac Patients
  • Understanding the Mechanics of Memory
  • Type 1 Diabetes and the Immune System: The Link
  • Using Stem Cells for Respiratory Diseases
  • Factors Promoting Osteoporosis

June 2007

  • ALS and Protein Folding
  • Brain Tumour Suppressor Gene
  • Cancer Survivors and Cognitive Impairment
  • Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
  • Cardiovascular Disease and Vitamin C
  • Proteins and the Immune Response
  • Glucose Metabolism and Brain Activity
  • Neural Remodeling

May 2007

  • Mapping Human Leukemia in Mice
  • Influenza A Transmission
  • ‘Check’ing Out Cancer
  • Rebuilding Myelin in Spinal Cord Injury
  • Personalizing Cancer Treatment
  • Live Donor Transplants Cut Waiting Times
  • Drug Interactions in Cancer
  • Premier’s Summit Awards
  • CFI Awards

April 2007

    • Discovering the Cancer "On Ramp"
    • Understanding Cardiac Repair
    • Screening Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivors
    • New Cancer Drug Target
    • Paying Attention to Genetics in ADHD
    • The Importance of Day/Night Schedules
    • Nerve Architecture
    • Sleep Apnea Featured

    March 2007

    • A Deeper Look into Movement Disorders
    • Protein Balance in Cancer
    • Focusing on Fatigue
    • Engineering Lung Tissue
    • Controlling Arthritis Activity
    • New Informatics Editor-in-Chief

    February 2007

    • Unraveling Statins
    • Microglia in Brain Trauma and Stroke
    • Cell Communication in the Brain
    • Arresting Tumour Growth
    • Alzheimer's Gene Found
    • Examining Breast Tissue Density and Risk
    • Controlling Fat Levels in Diabetes and Obesity

    January 2007

    • Swallowing Disorder Treatments Assessed
    • Multi-pronged Approach for Treating Brain Injuries
    • Notochord Cells Protect Spinal Discs
    • Thyroid Cancer Metastasis Marker Proposed
    • New SARS Animal Model Tested
    • Potential Improvements for Hepatitis C Treatment

Special Holiday Issue: 2006 Research Breakthroughs

Special Issue: Research Day 2006

    • Dr. Peggy Farnham 'ChIP'ping Away at Tumour Identity
    • Dr. Lozano Inventor of the Year
    • Trainees of the Year: Bill Ayach, Peter Stogios, and Dr. Cindy Zadikoff
    • Accolades for Presentation Winners
    • Thanks to the Research Day Team
    • Research Breakthrough: Colon Cancer Rooted in Stem Cells

November 2006

  • Bone Pain Reduced
  • Testing the Fates of Stem Cells
  • Drug Improves Quality of Life in Lung Cancer
  • Importance of Arthritis Education Reinforced
  • New Potential Anti-cancer Agent Found
  • Genetic Disorders: “Record” Result

October 2006

Special Issue: Regenerative Medicine

  • Antibody Attacks AML
  • Spinal Cord Injury Stemmed
  • Fabry Symptoms Foiled
  • Anti-Rejection Drug Defined
  • C-kit Sounds Siren
  • Gene Set Match for Lesioned Livers

September 2006

  • Dendritic Cells Dominate
  • Repair “Troops” Signalled after Heart Attack
  • 3D Structure of Leukemia Molecule Limned
  • (OD)Case Study: Novel Inhibitors

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June 2006

  • ARDS: Study Shows Long-Term Outcomes for Survivors
  • Blood Vessel Disorders: Molecules Offer New Therapy Target
  • Anorexia Nervosa: Study Suggests Need to Reconsider Treatment
  • Cancer: Anti-Aging Molecule May Help in Cancer Fight
  • Brain Surgery: New Model Predicts Outcomes

May 2006

  • Transplantation: New Test Will Increase Pool of Donor Lungs
  • Alzheimer’s Disease: Finding Offers New Therapeutic Targets
  • Cancer: New UHN Software Finds Partner “Suspects”
  • Better Liver Transplants: Answer’s in the Genes

April 2006

  • Balancing Hope & Knowledge in Cancer Decision-Making
  • Molecule Helps Body Clean Up
  • Electrode Brain Treatment Reduces Seizure Number

March 2006

  • Gene Bars Rod Development
  • Drug Pressures Tumours
  • New Direction for Repairing Blood Vessels

February 2006

  • Aching to Sleep
  • Imaging Inner Geometry
  • Knowledge of Immune Molecule Growing
  • Enzymes at the Heart of Structural Changes
  • New Repair [c-]Kit for Heart Disease
  • Infection Target Iron-ically Obvious

January 2006

  • ADHD Genetic Risk Factor
  • DNA Break-ing News
  • Missing Molecule Stops Signals
  • New Role for MyD-88
  • Defect Found in Lupus-like Syndrome

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November 2005

  • Achievements Displayed at Research Day
  • Dr. Michael Sefton Talks Regenerative Medicine
  • 2005 Inventor of the Year: Dr. Joseph Fisher
  • UHN Research Applauds Abstract & Poster Winners
  • Thanks to the Research Day Team test

October 2005

  • Telomerases Behaving Badly
  • Behind the (Caspase-)Eight Ball
  • Molecule Required for Immune Cell Survival
  • Molecule First in Line
  • OCD-Related Neurons Pinpointed

September 2005

  • Molecule Mediates Metastasis
  • Stopping Sleep Symptom Silences Sympathetic Signals
  • Motor Memories: Total Recall

Summer 2005

  • Drug prolongs lung cancer survival (OCI/PMH)
  • Reducing rejection in transplant (TGRI/TGH)
  • Killer molecule identified (Krembil/TWH)
  • Dynamic duo in heart disease (OCI/PMH and TGRI/TGH)

June 2005

  • Age a Factor in Treatment Decisions (OCI/PMH)
  • New Tools in Pancreatic Cancer Research (OCI/PMH)
  • Understanding Xenograft Rejection (TGRI/TGH)
  • Deep Brain Stimulation Effect Indirect (Krembil/TWH)

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May 2005

  • Genes predicting hep C treatment response identified (TGRI/TGH, OCI/PMH, Krembil/TWHI)
  • Gene provides protection against Parkinson disease (Krembil/TWH and AMDI/OCI/PMH)
  • First link between immune and hormonal systems pinpointed at UHN (OCI/PMH)
  • Diabetes finding may lead to new preventive and treatment measures (OCI/PMH and Krembil/TWH)

April 2005

  • Special Issue: New Division Heads Appointed at OCI

March 2005

  • Fruit Flies and Cancer Research (AMDI/OCI/PMH and OCI/PMH)
  • New Treatment for Depression (Krembil/TWH)
  • Personalized Cancer Therapy (TGRI/TGH)

February 2005

  • Women Respond Better to Lung Cancer Treatment (OCI/PMH)
  • Binge/Purge Behaviours Reduce Anorexia Treatment Success (TGRI/TGH)
  • Phantom Sensations Probed (Krembil/TWH)

January 2005

  • Finding Will Lead to Targeted Therapies for Heart Disease and Brain Disorders(OCI/PMH)
  • Risk Factor for Dyslexia Identified (Krembil/TWH)
  • DNA Repair in Prostate Cancer: When Too Much Isn’t Enough (OCI/PMH)
  • Study Zeroes in on Predictors of Parkinson Disease Survival (Krembil/TWH)
  • Molecule Critical for Fighting Viral-Induced Heart Disease (TGRI/TGH)
  • Exercise Eases Symptoms of Musculoskeletal Disease (TGRI/TGH)
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December 2004

    • Defect a Cause of Parkinson Disease (Krembil/TWH)
    • Successful Treatment for Fabry Disease (OCI/PMH)
    • Anxiety Bad for Heart Patients (TGRI/TGH)
    • Finding Important for Heart Disease (OCI/PMH)

    November 2004

    • New Treatment for Prostate Cancer (OCI/PMH)
    • Clues to Cause of Autoimmune Disease Uncovered (AMDI/OCI/PMH)
    • A Busy Brain May Overlook Pain (Krembil/TWH)
    • Protein Critical for Genome (OCI/PMH)
    • Clues for Treating Rare Cancer Revealed (TGRI/TGH)
    • Group Therapy Eases Cancer Fears (TGRI/TGH)

    October 2004

    • Update: Strategic Planning in Research at UHN

    September 2004

    • Combined Therapy Benefits Breast Cancer (OCI/PMH)
    • Flick the Switch on Disease (OCI/PMH)
    • New Treatment for Huntington's Disease (Krembil/TWH)
    • Regulation of Appetite is Complex (TGRI/TGH)
    • Molecule Protects Infection Fighting Cells (AMDI/OCI/PMH)

    Summer 2004

    • Protein a Cancer Alert (OCI/PMH)
    • Molecular Complexes Control Brain Function (Krembil/TWH)
    • Heavy Hearts Lifted (TGRI/TGH) Damaged Clock Proteins
    • OCI/PMH) Stroke Culprit Fingered (Krembil/TWH)
    • Heart Disease Risk Factor Identified (TGRI/TGH)
    • Chromosome Tips and Cancer (AMDI/OCI/PMH)
    • The Kidney's Role in Heart Failure (TGRI/TGH)

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    June 2004

    • Faulty Genes in Breast Cancer (OCI/PMH)
    • Clue to Child Cancer Found (Krembil/TWH)
    • “Hidden” Cells in Leukemia (TGRI/TGH)
    • Target for Autoimmune Disease Identified (TGRI/TGH)
    • Gene Therapy and Hodgkin's Disease (OCI/PMH and TGRI/TGH)
    • Secrets of Body Clock Revealed (Krembil/TWH)

    April 2004

    • Crohn's Disease Gene Found
    • New Target for Spinal Cord Injury Identified
    • PTEN Implicated in Prostate Cancer
    • Gene Expression—a “Change of Heart”

    March 2004

    • New Hope for Neurological Diseases
    • Immune Cells Can Cause Heart Failure
    • Defective B Cells May Hold Key to Lupus
    • Protein a Possible Target for Cancer Therapy

    February 2004 The Continuum of Research at UHN

    • Biomedical Research Types: The Overview
    • Basic Research : Examples
    • Translational Research : Examples
    • Clinical Research : Examples
    January 2004

    • Brain Damage Culprit Fingered
    • Measuring Dosage: Photodynamic Therapy
    • New Tool for Understanding Brain Chemistry

December 2003

    • Long-term Effects of Chemotherapy Studied
    • Protein Fuels Autoimmunity
    • Model Helps Choose Best Care for Heart Disease

    November 2003 Clinical Trials at UHN (Part II of II)

    • Finding the Best Treatment for Heart Failure
    • Patients Use Tools to Understand Cancer
    • Treating Psychotic Depression
    • Attacking the Cause of Lung Disease
    • Testing a New Rapid Treatment for Prostate Cancer
    • Imaging Parkinson's Disease
    • Novel Therapy for Ankylosing Spondylitis

    October 2003 Clinical Trials at UHN (Part I of II)

    • Promising New Breast Cancer Drug Validated
    • Drug Acts as "Trojan Horse"
    • Patients Can Enjoy Comforts of Home
    • New Treatment for Malaria
    • Vitamin K and Osteoporosis

    September 2003

    • New Treatment Strikes at SARS
    • A Healthy Body Weight is Key to Treatment Success
    • Too Much Iron Can be Bad for Your Heart
    • New Role for an Old Molecule

    Summer 2003

    • New SARS Test Tested
    • Personalized Care for Colon Cancer
    • Molecule Critical for Immune Function
    • Protein Involved in Brain Development

    June 2003

    • Development of a "Genetic Smart Bomb"
    • New Clues for Treating Immune Disorders
    • Keeping HIV out of Cells

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    May 2003 Update on UHN Research Strategic Planning

    • Platform Executives Announced

    April 2003 Celebrating Creativity and Innovation in Research

    • Vitamin A and Malaria
    • Shedding Light on Breast Cancer Risk
    • Viruses for Benefit
    • Entrepreneurs in Research

    March 2003

    • Gene Therapy and Hepatitis C
    • SARS-Related Lung Disease
    • Ankylosing Spondylitis

    February 2003

    • Healing the Heart with Bone Cells
    • Arthritis in La Belle Province
    • Membrane Proteins

    January 2003

    • Cancer Genes and the Genome
    • New Hope for Transplant Recipients
    • Parkinson's Disease

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