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New research findings are reported in NRx (formerly known as Net Results Express)—the UHN Research e-newsletter that is distributed monthly to all UHN employees and is publicly available.

Current and past issues of NRx are linked below (in HTML format):

April 2016

  • Cancer: MRI Screening Recommended
  • Sleep Apnea: Diagnosis Made Simple
  • Researcher's Toolbox: Insight in Vision Research
  • Critical Illness: Path to Recovery
  • Diabetes: Drug also Benefits Heart
  • Funding Patient Oriented Research

March 2016

  • Researcher's Toolbox: Sensing Damage
  • Dementia: Send in the Clowns
  • Neurological Disease: Improving Diagnosis
  • Cancer: More Realistic Research Models
  • Epilepsy: Targeting Regions of the Brain for Therapy
  • Research News: Redefining our Research Enterprise

February 2016

  • Kidney Disease: Not a Moment Too Soon
  • Stroke: Barriers Preventing Recovery
  • Cancer: Sabotaging the Immune System
  • Imaging: Detecting Early Signs of Heart Damage
  • Arthritis and Bone Health: the Anatomy of Disease
  • Immunology: Knowing Yourself Better
  • News: Michener Joins the UHN Family
  • Funding: Cell Therapy Investment Announced

January 2016

  • Cardiac Rehab: Realizing Benefits for Women
  • Spinal Injury: Improving Surgical Outcome
  • Brain Cancer: Answering an Age-Old Question
  • Immune Cells: The Roads that Lead to a Macrophage
  • Pancreatic Cancer: New Model to Personalize Treatments
  • UHN's 2015 Research Report: E=Health

December 2015: Year in Review

November 2015

  • Patient Safety: Identifying Weaknesses in the System
  • Cancer: Hospitalization Discrepancy
  • Imaging: Pursuit of Sharper Contrast
  • Arthritis: Sex Differences Explained
  • Alzheimer Disease: Speaking One's Mind
  • Kidney Disease: New Biomarkers Predict Severity

October 2015

  • Neuroscience: Connectivity Curbs Compulsiveness
  • Cardiology: What Makes a Good Heart?
  • Researcher Toolbox: Mind over Matter
  • Brain Injury: Sad, Sleepless Nights
  • Vision Disorders: Connecting the Dots
  • Cancer: Radiotherapy Gaps Identified

September 2015

  • Preventing Falls: Stepping Up Safety
  • Kidney Disease: Predicting who is at Risk
  • Arthritis: Link to Vascular Disease Mortality
  • Sleep Apnea: Importance of Fluid Buildup
  • Surgery: Seeing Tumours more Accurately
  • Cancer: New Treatment Strategy

August 2015

  • Parkinson: How Deep Brain Stimulation Works
  • Rehab: Automated Coach Helps Overcome Disabilities
  • Heart Disease: Encouraging Growth Promotes Healing
  • Surgery: Negotiating Risk in the Operating Room
  • Lung Transplant: Old and Young Benefit Equally
  • Researcher's Toolbox: Modelling Bile Duct Disorders
  • Funding: Government Supports Stem Cell Research

July 2015

  • Alzheimer's Disease: Robots That Give a Helping Hand
  • Cancer: Discovery of Genes Driving Prostate Cancer
  • Obesity: Better to be Inefficient?
  • Genetic Emphysema: Boosting Protein Slows Damage
  • Heart Disease: the Path to Targeted Therapies
  • Cancer: Understanding Uneven Drug Delivery
  • UHN Inventor of the Year Announced

June 2015

  • Breast Cancer: Improving Current Treatment Plans
  • Infrastructure & Innovation: New Funding from CFI
  • Regenerative Medicine: From Stem Cells to Cartilage
  • Stroke: The Right Place at the Right Time
  • Lung Cancer: When Does Chemotherapy Help
  • Genomics: Genome Canada Supports UHN Projects

May 2015

  • Diabetes: Therapeutics Activate Gut Nervous System
  • Preventing Falls: Get a Grip with Better Footwear
  • Obesity: Immune Cells in Gut Impact Blood Sugar
  • Pain Management: Seeing How the Brain Responds
  • Cancer: Artificial Intelligence and Radiotherapy
  • UHN-Developed Medical Technology Products Unveiled
  • Northern Biologics Strikes a Deal

April 2015

  • Lupus: Blood Molecule a Bad Influence on Immune Cells
  • Cancer: New Biomarker for Acute Myeloid Leukemia
  • Cancer: Bursting the Microbubble
  • Rehab: Targeting Depression and the Fear of Falling
  • Schizophrenia: Genes Impact Treatment Response
  • Parkinson Disease: A Test for Early Detection

March 2015

  • Stroke: Detailed Feedback Speeds up Recovery
  • Cancer: Size Matters for Blood Clots
  • Transplantation: Identifying the Best Donor Lungs
  • Turning Genes On or Off: Bringing Loops into the Fold
  • Cancer: Reducing Aggressive Care with Palliative Care
  • UHN's 2014 Research Report Wins Top Award

February 2015

  • Cancer: Tumours Hijack Antioxidants to Survive
  • Physical Activity: Regular Exercise not Enough
  • Osteoarthritis: Eating Away at the Joint
  • Heart Disease: Harmful Effects of Intense Exercise
  • Heart Failure: Inexpensive Test may Save Lives
  • HPC4Health Brings Cloud Computing to Health Research

January 2015

  • Prostate Cancer: New Genetic Test to Personalize Treatment
  • Heart Disease: Promoting Heart Health in Women
  • Researcher's Toolbox: Powerful Tool Predicts Protein Interactions
  • Dementia: White Matter Matters
  • Parkinson Disease: Networks that Control Memory Decline
  • Cancer: How Low Oxygen Levels Promote Tumour Growth
  • UHN's 2014 Research Report: Medicine Gets Personal

December 2014: Year in Review

November 2014

  • Pancreatic Cancer: Blood Proteins Aid in Diagnosis
  • Cancer: Examining the Toxicity of New Drugs
  • Neuroscience: Regulator of Potassium Channel Function Uncovered
  • Transplantation: A Matter of Life and Death
  • Psoriatic Arthritis: Improving Early Detection
  • Researcher's Toolbox: New Approach Identifies Disease-related Proteins

October 2014

  • Stroke: Weekend at Home Contributes to Recovery
  • Cancer: Fertile Ground for Growth
  • Lupus: New Way to Monitor Symptom Flares
  • Prostate Cancer: Accurately Pinpointing Tumours
  • Metabolism: Tipping the Balance towards Fat Release
  • Funding: Cancer Research and New Stroke Drug

September 2014

  • Cancer: A Novel Approach to Decipher Cause
  • Chemical Biology: A New Tool to Study the Role of SETD7 Protein
  • Sleep Apnea: Passively Measuring Fluid Accumulation with Sound
  • Kidney Disease: New Diagnostic Imaging Tools
  • Neuroscience: Revealing Regeneration Strategies for the Injured Central Nervous System
  • Navigating Canada's Research Facilities

August 2014

  • Cancer: Potential AntiCancer Therapeutic Discovered
  • Obesity and Depression: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
  • HIV: Hormone Linked to Low Birth Weights
  • Cancer: Nanoparticles to Visualize and Treat Tumours
  • Breast Cancer: Choosing Reconstruction with Surgery
  • Motion Sickness: What you Hear Matters

May 2014

  • Psoriatic Arthritis: Inflammation that Stiffens Joints and Arteries
  • Cancer: A Carrier Particle for Image-Guided Drug Delivery
  • Stroke: New Approaches Needed to Help Patients Regain Their Stride
  • Parkinson's Disease: Brain Structures Provide Clues to Cognitive Function
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Nervous System Key to Prevention
  • Facility Spotlight: The Vector Core

April 2014

  • Liver Disease: A Breakthrough for Hepatitis C
  • Diabetes: Key Regulator of Insulin Secretion Identified
  • Autoimmune Disease: Cancer may Trigger Attack on Brain
  • Telehealth: Enabling Self-Management of Chronic Disease in Remote Communities
  • Biology: Figuring Out How Cells Get Bigger
  • Research Facilities Available at UHN
March 2014
  • Malaria: Bad Blood and Collateral Damage
  • Prostate Cancer: The Cost of Survival in Ontario
  • Rehabilitation: Brain Imaging as a Predictor of Physical Fitness
  • Cancer: Cost Effectiveness of Personalized Medicine
  • UHN Welcomes New Director for Research Commercialization
  • UHN's 2013 Research Report Wins Top Award

February 2014

  • Vision Disorders: Brain Provides Clues to Protection in the Eye
  • Rehabilitation: Support Influences Return Home after Brain Injury
  • Radiation Therapy: Modelling Changes in Tumour Geometry
  • Leukaemia: Tracing the Earliest Steps of Disease
  • Cancer: Earlier Palliative Care Benefits Patients
  • Medical Care: Factors that Influence Opioid Use after Major Surgery

January 2014

  • Lung Cancer: Smoking Out the Factors That Prevent Quitting
  • Diabetes: Leptin in Gut Lowers Blood Sugar
  • Cardiac Arrest: Muscle Relaxant Improves Survival
  • Spinal Cord Injury: Improving Treatment with Stem Cells and Bioengineering

December 2013: Year in Review

November 2013

  • The Grand Opening of the Krembil Discovery Tower
  • HIV: A Powerful New Treatment
  • Depression: Mapping the Brain to Guide Treatment
  • Community Driven Cancer Research Project Begins
  • Palliative Care: Specialized Therapy to Help Terminally Ill Cancer Patients Feel Better

October 2013

  • Stem Cells: Uncovering Critical Regulator of Blood Cell Development
  • Cardiovascular Disease: Curing Hearts with Stem Cells
  • Neuroscience: Wandering Away from Pain
  • Neuroscience: Making Waves
  • Obesity: Reducing Glucose Production in the Liver
  • Brain Injury: Staying Active is Key to Recovery

September 2013

  • Cancer: The Root Cause of Multiple Myeloma Relapse
  • Liver Cirrhosis and Infection: Acute Kidney Injury Predicts 30-day Mortality
  • Neurological Disorders: Unarrested Development
  • Parkinson’s Disease: Impulsive Behaviour and Dopamine
  • Cancer: Immune Cell Found to Have Anti-tumour Properties
  • Heart Disease: Barriers to Rehabilitation

August 2013

  • Cancer: Why Some Treatments May Fail
  • Stem Cells: New Role for GATA-3 in Self-renewal
  • Diabetes: Pancreatic Islet Cell Balancing Act
  • Rehabilitation: Making Powered Wheelchairs Safer
  • Medical Imaging: Modeling Blood Flow in Tumours
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis: Links with Autoimmunity

July 2013

  • Cancer: Developing Better Prognostics for Mantle-Cell Lymphoma
  • Stem Cells: Using "Biowires" to Grow Mature Heart Cells
  • Neuroscience: Visualizing Emotional Responses during Depression Therapy
  • Neurological Disease: Using Stem Cells to Improve Nerve Function
  • Cancer: Revealing the Function of the BRCA1 Gene in Breast Cancer
  • Osteoarthritis: Studying Recovery Time after Total Joint Replacement Surgery

June 2013

  • Stem Cells: Genome-Wide Study of Genes That Regulate Blood Development
  • Cancer: Side Effects of Experimental Therapy for Colorectal Cancer
  • Vascular Disease: Inflammation Regulation by MicroRNA
  • Epilepsy: Brain Signal Variability Predicts Memory Performance
  • Stroke: Brains from Brawn

May 2013

  • Diabetes: Resistance to Glucagon in the Brain
  • Stem Cells: Regulators of Blood Cell Development
  • Lung Cancer: Analyzing the Predictive Value of KRAS Mutations
  • Biochemistry: Development of the First Viable Experimental Model for Systemic Ceramide Accumulation
  • Psoriatic Arthritis: Preventing Joint Damage with TNFa Inhibitors
  • Stroke: Swallowing and Speech Impairments After Stroke

April 2013

  • Liver Disease: A New Approach in the Treatment of Hepatitis C
  • Urology: Prevention of Prostate Disorder Symptoms
  • Eye Disease: A New Mechanism that Regulates Cell Death in the Retina
  • Parkinson’s Disease: Unravelling Crossed Signals
  • Lung Transplantation: Preventing Rejection with Gene Therapy
  • Rehabilitation: Measuring Balance

March 2013

  • Neuroscience: Treating Anorexia with Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Cancer: The Causes of Tumours of the Eye
  • Cancer: Targeting Hypoxia Tolerance for Improved Cancer Therapy
  • Diabetes: Glucagon Response to Fasting and Starvation
  • Rehabilitation: Referral Strategies for Women with Heart Disease

February 2013

  • Obesity: The Role of Intestinal Bacteria in Fatty Liver Disease
  • Leukemia: Stem Cell Transplant Therapy for AML
  • Drug Development: New Directions in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Arthritis: The Challenge of Integrating Physical Activity into Daily Life
  • Stroke: Regaining Balance with Visual Cues

January 2013

  • Respiration: Testing a New Model to Treat Lung Injury
  • Cancer: New Discovery for Tumour Growth
  • Cancer: Refining Treatment of Oropharyngeal Cancer
  • Obesity: Protecting the Heart from a High Fat Diet
  • Cardiology: Effect of Sleep Apnea on Heart Function
  • Genetics: Understanding How Drugs Affect the Entire System

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December 2012: Year in Review

November 2012

  • Heart Disease: Treating Patients Diagnosed with Diabetes
  • Cancer: Palliative Care Referral Practices in Oncology
  • Cancer: Novel Imaging and Therapeutic In One Tiny Package
  • Bipolar Disorder: Insulin Improves the Mental Performance of Bipolar Patients
  • Sleep Apnea: Making Waves in the Link to Renal Disease

October 2012

  • Cancer: A Single DNA Nucleotide Difference Regulates Breast Cancer Cell Growth
  • Diabetes: The Role of the Brain in Insulin Resistance
  • Malaria: Blood Type Influences Disease Severity
  • Stroke: An Experimental Model Accurately Predicts the Outcomes of a Therapeutic Stroke Drug
  • Genetics: Protein Levels Associated with Behavioural Impairments
  • Heart Disease: Timing of Depression on Patient Outcomes

September 2012

  • UHN Licenses Cancer Treatment Planning Technology to RaySearch Laboratories
  • Cancer: Characterizing the Effect of Genetic Variants in Neuroendocrine Cancers
  • Osteoporosis: Inaccurate Assessment of Fracture Risk in Ontario’s Non-Urban Areas
  • Immunology: Insights into HIV Susceptibility
  • SCRIPDB Partners with NIH PubChem

August 2012

  • Cancer: Molecular Mechanisms of Cellular Polarity
  • Medical Imaging: First Microbubble with Inherent Dual Imaging Properties
  • Leukemia: A New Molecular Target for Therapy
  • Medical Care: How Surgical Culture Affects Error
  • Respiration: New Educational Objectives for Mechanical Ventilation Practice
  • Rehabilitation: Measuring Activity with Brain Computer Interface Systems

July 2012

  • Leukemia: An Experimental Model for AML Provides New Insights
  • Cancer Care: Drug Development and Maintaining Quality of Life
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Circulating Non-Immune Cells Promote the Spread of Joint Inflammation
  • Bipolar Disorder: Making Beneficial Therapy More Accessible
  • Exercise: Improving Quality of Life in Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy
  • Computational Neuroscience: The Relationship between Individual Neurons and Population Network Activities in the Hippocampus

June 2012

  • Colon Cancer: Understanding Self Renewal and Resistance
  • Patient Care: A Better Predictor of Heart Failure in Emergency Room Care
  • Prostate Cancer: Seeking Out Genetic Variations that Increase Cancer Risk
  • Pancreatitis: How Alcohol Damages the Pancreas
  • Health Outcomes: Chronic Joint Pain in the Canadian Population
  • Influenza: Identifying Risk of Severe Illness

May 2012

  • Kidney Failure: Fish Oils May Provide Benefits for Hemodialysis Patients
  • Diabetes: Glucose Regulation by the Intestine
  • Autoimmunity: Gender Differences in the Immune System
  • Hypertension: Managing Blood Pressure with Your Smartphone
  • Sleep Apnea: Daytime Alertness may Reveal Heart Health
  • Neurology: Exploring the Regulation of Brain Function

April 2012

  • Cancer: A New Understanding of Immune System Responses
  • Breast Cancer: Gene Signatures for Better Treatments
  • Spinal Cord Injury: Reducing Inflammation with a Smart Material
  • Diabetes: New Insight into Insulin Release
  • Prostate Cancer: Predicting Recurrence using Oxygen Levels
  • Stroke Rehabilitation: Determining Fall Prevention Responses in Stroke Patients

March 2012

  • Stroke: Development of World’s Most Advanced Neuroprotective Drug
  • Proteomics: A Novel Method to Identify Stem Cell Types
  • Medical Imaging: Novel Tools for Visualizing Tumours Using Nanotechnology
  • Metabolism: Appetite Control in the Brain
  • Rehabilitation: Psychotherapy Promotes Prolonged Benefits in Patients with Brain Injury
  • UHN Licensed Image Guided Irradiator System Reaches 10th Installation Milestone

February 2012

  • Structural Biology: Looking Into the Mechanics of Calcium Release
  • Development: Imprinting in the Mouse Genome
  • Breast Cancer: Risks and Benefits of Prevention
  • Neurology: Controlling the Growth of Neurons
  • Stroke: Exercise Program for Rehabilitation
  • Cancer: Preventing Tumours in Retinoblastoma

January 2012

  • Ovarian Cancer: Drug Delays Disease Progression
  • Immunity: Regulating the Response to Infection
  • Hormone Therapy: Ontario Failing to Treat Osteoporosis-Related Side Effects
  • Metabolism: How the Gut Controls Glucose Production
  • Immunology: A New Model for Injury Repair in the Eye
  • Social Media: The Role of Twitter in Assessing Scientific Impact

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December 2011: Year in Review

November 2011

  • UHN and University of Toronto Launch Techna Institute
  • iDAPT: World Class Innovation at Toronto Rehab
  • Prostate Cancer: Combination Treatment Greatly Improves Survival
  • Cardiology: Sodium Intake Increases Risk of Sleep Apnea
  • UHN Educational Tool Licensed to Edwards Lifesciences
  • Inflammatory Arthritis: Identifying Risk of Disease Progression

October 2011

  • PMH Awarded Third National Cancer Institute Contract
  • Immune Disorders: New Insights into Cell Regulation
  • Immunity: Cell Adhesion in Leukocytes
  • Neurology: Uncovering Factors Associated with the Development of Neurons
  • Clinical Trials: The Impact of Announcements on Company Stock Prices
  • Alzheimer’s Disease: Quality of Life Assessed by Family Caregivers

September 2011

  • UHN Medical Imaging Tool Licensed to Vexim SA
  • Cancer: Creating a Blueprint of Protein Modifications
  • Cardiology: Distinguishing the Mechanisms of Heart Contraction
  • Psoriatic Arthritis: The Disease within a Disease
  • Pulmonary Disease: Increasing Physical Activity
  • Nanomedicine: Delivery of Anticancer Drugs
  • Cardiology: Reducing Inflammation in Damaged Cardiac Muscle
  • Stroke Prevention: Assessing the Effects of Surgical Revascularization

August 2011

  • Strategic Planning Needs Your Help
  • Autoimmune Diseases: Explaining the Role of PTPN22 in Immunity
  • Leukemia: Stem Cell Properties Correlate with Disease Outcome
  • Immunity: Identifying the Mechanisms Involved in Inflammation of the Colon
  • Spondyloarthritis: Impact on Social Life
  • Radioisotope Therapy: The Future of Antibody Linked Radiotherapy
  • Osteoporosis: Better Prevention from Future Injury

July 2011

  • UHN's New Office of Research Trainees
  • Stem Cells: Isolation of the Purest Blood Stem Cells
  • Clinical Trials: Assessing the Effects of Unpublished Data
  • Gastroenterology: New Insights into Blood Glucose Regulation
  • Blood: New Directions for Disease Treatment
  • Stroke: Understanding the Short-Term Outcomes for Artery Blockage

June 2011

  • UHN and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Announce Their Integration
  • Neurology: Stimulation of the Motor Cortex Improves Hand Tremors
  • Leukemia: New Cancer Stem Cell Factor Identified
  • Cardiology: New Role for Protein in Heart Function
  • Myeloma: Antitumour Activity with New Therapeutic Drug
  • Stem Cells: Characterizing Neural Stem Cell Development

May 2011

  • Health Services Research at UHN: Strategic Planning Workshop
  • Prostate Cancer: New Findings on the Effects of Supplements
  • Cancer: A New Mechanism for Resistance to Therapy
  • Leukemia: Helping the Immune System Fight Cancer
  • Parkinson’s Disease: Enhancing the Therapeutic Benefits of L-DOPA
  • Neuroscience: Understanding the Effect of Seizures in Stroke Patients
  • Acute Lung Injury: New Insight into Factors Involved in Cell and Tissue Damage

April 2011

  • Lung Transplantation: High-Risk Donor Lungs Can Now Be Safely Used for Transplant
  • Respiratory Disease: Long-Term Study on the Effects of Acute Illness
  • Lung Cancer: Changes in Non-Cancer Cells May Predict Patient Outcome
  • Diabetes: New Guidelines for Treating Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Neurology: Surgical Procedure Reverses Loss of Brain Matter
  • Autoimmune Disease: New Suppressor Gene Discovered in Lupus-Prone Mice

March 2011

  • Cancer: Novel Organic Nanoparticles for Cancer Targeting and Treatment
  • Cardiology: Novel Peptide Helps to Prevent Damage Following Cardiovascular Injury
  • Pancreatic Cancer: Hypoxia Predicts Growth and Metastasis
  • Stroke: Why Sleeping Better is Good for Stroke Patients
  • Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Identifying a Culprit in Brain Injury
  • Arthritis: Examining Workplace Activity Limitations

February 2011

  • Leukemia: Uncovering Genetic Diversity in Propagating Cells
  • HIV Infection:  Promoting the Immune Response to Chronic Viral Infections
  • Regenerative Medicine: Development of Heart Cells from Stem Cells
  • Depression: Deep Brain Stimulation Shows Benefit in 3 and 6 Year Follow-Up Study
  • Parkinson Disease: New Insights into the Role of the Cerebellum in Disease Development
  • Heart Disease: A Novel Mechanism of Electrical Remodeling in Cardiac Hypertrophy and Heart Failure

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Previous issues of Net Results EXPRESS can be viewed in the archive.



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