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Toronto General Research Institute
Located at Toronto General Hospital

The Toronto General Research Institute (TGRI) is the research arm of the Toronto General Hospital.

Toronto General Hospital is well-known for its excellent clinical care and it is important to recognize that ground-breaking research efforts underlie our surgical and medical innovations. TGRI's research program encompasses research in cardiology, transplantation, immunology and autoimmunity, infectious diseases, tissue injury and diabetes. Building upon this work, scientists are able to develop improved methods of treatment and cure.

Organ transplants, cardiac pacemakers, novel therapies for endocrine and autoimmune disorders—all are based upon research carried out in TGRI's laboratories and clinics.

Download a one-page fact sheet that highlights TGRI research advancements and statistics.


* Note: Data are accurate as of September 1, 2015. Metrics are calculated by considering data on all Researchers, which includes CCRU Investigators or Clinical Researchers as applicable. CCRU Investigators and Clinical Researchers are not formally appointed at the research institutes and are therefore not subject to the research institutes' scientific and performance reviews. Clinical Researchers are defined as UHN staff that are listed as principal or corresponding author on at least one publication in the 2014 calendar year, and/or held research funding over the 2014-2015 fiscal year, and/or are registered as lead investigator on an active research project through the CAPCR system between September 1, 2014 and September 1, 2015. Trainee counts reflect only those trainees supervised by researchers with a primary appointment at a research institute.

TGRI scientists reviewing experiemental results
Snapshot: TGRI 2015*
142 Appointed Researchers
353 Clinical Researchers
414 Trainees
496 Staff
237,839 sq. ft. Research Space
1,394 Total Publications
$66,533,834 External Funding

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