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Division of Experimental Therapeutics

The aim of research in this division is the introduction of new therapeutic approaches to human disease. This division will be focused on the development and testing of therapies at the gene, molecule, cell, tissue/organ and individual subject levels, which includes drug/device design, development and testing, organ regeneration and repair, tissue engineering, transplantation, immune modulation and other therapeutic approaches including novel interventional or surgical procedures.

This division will integrate the knowledge generated by the division of Advanced Diagnostics to more accurately stage the delivery and monitor the efficacy of ‘personalized’ therapies. While cell and animal-based model systems may be needed to develop techniques and hypotheses for these activities, the ultimate goal of every investigator in this division should be to translate their efforts in clinical trials. To realize this goal, this work will integrate with the research priorities of every clinical program at TGH, including existing clinical trial units.

Division Head (acting): Mansoor Husain.

Research Divisions at TGRI are divided into different Research Groups, each one representing a specific focus at TGRI. They include:
- Cardiovascular
- Communities of Health
- Infection & Immunity
- Metabolism
- Respiratory & Critical Care

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